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Thread: KEFEI Fakes or not?

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    Default KEFEI Fakes or not?

    Hi everyone,

    So after waiting 3 weeks for my guys to get me Test and dbol, I am disapointed to find I am instead given KEFEI Injectable Dbol, and Parabolin Blend..

    However, after trying to do a bit of research, I am not sure if what I have a fakes or not.

    Can you guys help out?

    I used the dbol @ 25mg this morning, and has apsolutely no energy in the gym. Not sure if this is due to last night's poor sleep, but also found that I was feeling very faint and light headed throughout the next 5 hours - almost as if my blood pressure was through the roof.. feels like the real shit
    are there fake kefei?
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    did you check out the kefei website? i know they got decent GH but never seen the injectables. Maybe if you send them an email they can help you figure this out

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