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Thread: what happened?

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    Default what happened?

    this forum just isn't the same. i mean, there are locked threads right and left. did the effing forum gastapo get a hold of this thing or what? i mean, really, you're gonna lock a "what's going on" thread??? that will attract people to the site for sure...can't even BS around with friends????? loosen up guys...maybe, just maybe this forum will be as popular as it used to be.

    until then...until i see all the old crew back...florida, davey, pauley, william, heidi, brodye, smilie, dashizzle, sicky, para (i know you're out there battling it out, brother), spook...and all you other crazy suckers...well, until it's the way it used to be, i'm out.

    ps uncle rat...i know this will thread will be locked asap, but why don't you try to do something about all this brother? you know for a fact this place just isn't the same. i'll be around, all you that matter have my email...shoot me a line sometime. i miss you guys.
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    Some threads are locked because of bandwidth issues, remember the site is free so after so many pages the thread get's locked, no biggie just make a new one.

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