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Thread: wife f's up husband

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    Default wife f's up husband

    this chick can fight! at ~0:15, 0:45 and 1:10 she ducks the guys punches like a champ, then counters and rocks him. She repeatedly throws him down like he's a ragdoll. Dude got owned! - Ghetto.Wife VS husband!

    Feel bad for those kids though
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    Looks like he's all cracked out... I hope, at least then he'd have some excuse.
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    He's so drunk he probably won't remember any of this.
    Funny stuff.
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    lol holy shit... that's embarrassing. She does have at least 100 pounds on the skinny bastard. I wonder what he did to piss her off

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    most likely your moms


    If you listen real close 1:11... she says... "You'll eat the pussy next time... won't you... motha' fucca, don’t get me all worked up for nothing”...
    ps... please don't stereotype these people, because this is a rarity in the ghetto...
    I really don't know anything... but if I tell you to do something... it is not for entertainment purposes, it is to be taken as fact. It would be mostly from experience, but then again... we all know that bullshit about everyone is different.

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