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Thread: Will this work to put on muscle with minimal fat?

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    Default Will this work to put on muscle with minimal fat?

    Ok I weigh 175 and was think of trying this out for bulking. I just got off from dieting down for 20 weeks, and so I need to eat. I was not really gonna count every calorie I eat. I was think about just eating carbs for my first 4 meals (100% rolled oatmeal in for meal 1, then dextrose for pw meal, then oatmeal, beans, whole wheat tortiaals or veggies for my next 2 meals). Then my last 2-3 meals woudl be just healthy fats and proetin. My proetin sources are mainly from egg whites and chicken, with non fat cottage cheese and proetin powder being used once or twice a day. Soem days I'll have one of those net carb bars for when I am on the go. Woudl this be a good plan to bulk but not putting on much fat seeing how im seperateing my fats from carbs, and carbs are all around the day and my workouts? I'm alaso gonan take r-ala with every meal taht has carbs.

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    if you're gonna watch carbs, I'd eat the carbs after workouts as much as possible.

    -I'm no diet expert, but I hear after workout is best for carbs if you're trying to stay lean.
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    Default I feel that

    carbs are for energy to get through those hard workouts..There is no carb that the body must have IMO then before your workout and after..Then just lots of good fats and pro...If you can workout at say lunch break or after breakfast... Consumping carbs and pro before and after workout is very benifical..Since you really want to watch the fat try to cut the carbs in early afternoon if you can. Then just lots of good fat and pro. Take ala pw not before cause you need thoughs carbs before wo.... If you want a bit of low intensity cardio on the off days...No one needs to go to a 40 inch waist while bulking....

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    Default it helps to get

    everything as specific as possible Myth.

    What bodyweight do you want to get up to? Base your caloric intake around that number. If you are lifting hard and the diet is clean, there is no reason that you can't take carbs in later in the day... say 6p.m., on a 9-5 "activity" scheme.

    If I were you @175lbs, I'd shoot for 4000cals on anaerobic days and 3500 on non-anaerobic. 40/40/20, or 30/50/20 would be my ideal macro-ratio of carb/prot/fat calories.

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    Default Myth

    Rj has given you a overall calorie count. Use excel to divide the calories into one of the two ratios by multipling the overall calories by the percentages to get the total calories from each.

    Then note that there is:
    4 grams per calorie of Protein
    4 grams per calorie of Carb
    9 grams per calorie of Fat

    So when you start to punch in grams in excel to count calories you will use x amount of gram of each times the numbers above to give you the amount of calories per item. Just make sure that you are measuring out everything, and using the correct serving size pertaining to the food you are measuring. Split things into portions that you can eat as well. such as 65grams of protein and 65grams of carbs in the morning, or 65 grams protein and 145grams of carbs for example.


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    "Real Leaders are ordinary People with Extraordinary Determination"
    "The Eyes Have It" -Some Drunk Irishman

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    Default Carbs

    Carbs are absolutly nessicary because they are very anablic. Your body is either A gonna take glucose by burning up your protein or B take glucose by burning up your glycogen stores. Its easier to burn the carbs effiecently and ull see better results eating carbs than u would not because if your glycogen stores remaining intact and full then you'll have a lot of good energy for weight lifting. Lifting weights takes it RIGHT outta glycogen stores. I would say eat carbs about 2 hours before a workout to let them fill ur glycogen stores keep them low GI and dont spike ur insulin. Then after your workout take ur post workout carbs. If u want u can then go to fats and protein but in the end its all cals even if i eat a bunch of carbs as long as I dont spike my insulin then my insulin levels are higher on a min to min carb burning will just increase but if u make a caloric deficiet then ur blood sugar will still go down and ull pull fat to burn.

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