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Thread: Sleep, not getting it

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    Sounds like Tarzana's idea regarding the hypnotherapy, and his suggested reading may be what you need. If your problem is in the initial falling asleep and not the 'can't stay asleep,' you should probably focus on strategies for relaxing the mind. Yoga may help with overall relaxation. Xanax personally did it for me. All the thoughts, ideas, and craziness left my mind and allowed the introduction of sleep.

    Keep us posted bro, and do let us know if you find the solution for your problem. Very interested in understanding what works for you. Props.

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    ***Go Big or Go Home***

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    Default Yes I have the same prob

    zipman has the answer...I have had trouble for a long time I use to take some drinks but no more for me....Zanax is the answer. First I got some from a friend cause my mind just races and this stuff worked...I am going to the doc next week to hopefully get a script...

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    Default Maybe this is something worth trying just once.

    This is only a thought, but it may not work with everyone. I have taken GABA and it has worked to an extent but ironically and in contradiction to one of the points of advice in this article, I did use some alcohol to get to where I could fall asleep in conjunction with GABA within 10-15 minutes. GABA is different though. GABA can induce some vivid dreams and even some very bizarre dreams. I didn't experience many of those dreams but some do quite often. Also, with GABA I did experience a weird feeling prior to being ready for bed; it was a feeling as if a million tiny little needles were pricking my skin (not painful but irritable to say the least for about 5-10 minutes). GABA may not be for everyone but I did get some great sleep and it was probably GABA that helped me get past those pre-sleep fleeting thoughts.

    Can't Fall Asleep? THIS Might Be Why

    If you suffer from insomnia and have a mood problem, it may be because your brain doesn't secrete enough of a certain chemical. You're not alone. People who have anxiety disorders are also more likely to have sleep problems.

    Turns out, there's a reason for this. Both could be the result of too little GABA in the brain, a chemical that helps neutralize the effects of another brain chemical called glutamate that causes excitement. If there isn't enough GABA, it causes those racing thoughts that characterize anxiety, which in turn keep you up at night, according to new research from Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia.

    GABA is essential to slow down the brain's activity so you can fall asleep. Now that scientists know that too little GABA could be the cause of insomnia and anxiety disorders, they are developing new drugs that will stimulate the brain to produce GABA. The good news is that this one drug will allow both the mind and body to slow down and rest, reports The Philadelphia Inquirer.

    Lead study author Karl Doghramji, director of the Sleep Disorders Center at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, told the American Medical Association's annual Science Reporters Conference that GABA deficiencies interfere with the most important stage of sleep--the deep sleep that begins about 45 minutes after you fall asleep. He noted that previous studies have shown that people who suffer from depression, anxiety, and other types of mood disorders are usually deficient in this deep sleep, which is also called delta sleep.

    Here's the catch-22: The longer you suffer from sleep problems that are caused by GABA deficiency continue, the greater chance it will affect your emotional health.

    Don't try to self-medicate. Although GABA supplements are commonly available as over-the-counter insomnia remedies, Doghramji cautions against using them since they are not regulated. Also, it's not known how much GABA they contain or whether the product is pure.

    Meanwhile, Doghramji recommends behavioral changes to battle insomnia:

    * Exercise regularly in the afternoon.
    * Establish a regular sleeping schedule and stick with it seven days a week.
    * Avoid taking naps.
    * Only drink caffeinated beverages before noon.
    * Do not have alcohol with dinner.

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    Try running a fan in your room at night, or some light music turned down real low. It helps me get to sleep, and I work rotating shifts. You can also check your bed. I bought a new bed recently and that helped me a lot.

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    kava-kava could help

    I tried 5-HYP, valerian and melatonin w/o any succes

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    Get a tape or CD of "White Noise" it normally helps a lot.

    Try doing self relaxation.... lie on your back in bed and clear your mind... fell your body start to relax from your toes... all the way up to your head.... consciously think about it and talk yourself through it in your head.

    take really deep controlled breaths and just feel the relaxation through your body.

    I am a total insomniac and it has done the trick for me too many times to count...especially when I ahve no sleeping pills or I have a migrane.

    illegal "herbs" can help a lot too with overall relaxation.

    Good Luck man and welcome to the site
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