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Thread: kidney advice

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    Unhappy kidney advice

    Hello guys I recently got advice in the last 4 months on my diet and massively aimed to up my protein intake. I weigh 230 and can still ideally loose another 10.

    I have read I should be aiming to hit a gram of protein for every lb of weight. I have been hitting this most days. I also take creatine tablets.

    I went for a blood test the other day and the doc found my creatinin levels a long way above what they should be, indicating to him that my kidneys were struggling. He advised given up on the high protein diet as he believes my kidneys cant cope. I feel it mey be the creatine tablets that are causing the high levels but he said creatine and creatinin are totally different chems.

    Has anyone had a similar experiences? Can I ask for any better kind of test on my kidney function? Are some proteins easier for the kidneys to process? Could it be the creatine? Can these readings be normal in someone trying to train seriously?

    Training has been going really well and this has really given me a bit of a downer.

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    a blood test can read kidneys well.

    Too much protein can be hard on kidneys, causing kidney stones... not something you want. Any diet should be done with caution. I would eliminate the creatine and see another blood test, then decide what amount of protein is right from that stand point. Having both in your system at the same time can change results on tests.
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    I used to take creatine before and after liftng and before bed per an artcle I read--- I also lift hard and eat lots of protien--- my kidney and liver enzymes sky rocketed Ive read up and Creatine can do this to kidneys. BUN blood test is a kidney test

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