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Thread: wasting time in the gym?

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    Default wasting time in the gym?

    so im getting back into the gym after a shoulder injury and a good 3 months out. i basically have lost all the muscle mass/strength i gained in the 6 months i was working out. i had my diet DOWN for a while. eating real healthy 6 times a day taking in about 5500 calories a day and 250 grams of protein(im 21 about 6ft and weigh 158). now though my diet is shit dont eat nearly as much or as healthy. should i get my intake and diet back down before even trying to hit the gym? am i just wasting my time without having my diet back down?

    the only reason im asking is cause its going to take me another month or so of stuffing my face to be able to eat as much as i did before. thanks for any help fellas

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    I could be wrong, but I cant really see how hitting the gym while getting your diet on track is 'a waste of time' think of it as warm-up time while your body gets used to training again.

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    Ya I would start hitting the gym and well with me anyways once I see a lil gain it makes me want it even more and I don't want to eat unhealthy anymore and I'm eating whenever I can so I can keep gaining.

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    hit the gym bro just start taking in heaps of protein in shakes what eva then start to eliminate your carbs and bad fats the diet will come along your not going to be pushing to serious a weight off bat so you will gain from the minimum protein intake maybe some creatine , zma, trib as a litlle kick start may help , start training tho def start training !!!!!!

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