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Thread: what route to go to shred the stomach

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    another question, i want to knnow if my water intake is enough, during the whole course of the day my total amount lets see....uhm as of till right now ive had 20 glasses of 8 oz of water is a lil over a gallon and a half of water

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    I drink at MOST a gallon a day. I'm not sure of proper intake though. Can't help there, sorry.
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    yea today was a lil over a gallon but yesterday was quite a bit and same as before for the past other days

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    a gallon a day is perfect. you can drink i little more as long as your not forcing the water down ur throat.
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    i hardly know that im drinking more because im just drinking it all day

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    Just remember you can't spot reduce. Eat clean carbs which means staying away from cookies, pies, cake, ice cream, and candy. Carbs should come from vegetables and whole grain breads and pastas. Eat clean fats...keep saturated and trans fats to a minimum. There are essential fats that the body needs and those are the ones you want to consume. They will help stabilize your blood sugar levels and keep you from feeling hungry.

    Now for the exercise. Weight training will help your muscles grow and continue to burn fat off your body long after your workout is over. Cardio is good for fat burning as well but it's effects are mostly limited to the time you are doing the cardio. Cardio is good for your wind and stamina so you can work out hard and for a long time. The combination of weight training and cardio are most effective for fat loss. Proper nutrition aids in recovery and maximum muscle growth. Your muscles grow while you sleep so make sure you give them lot's of time to grow and recover for their next workout. Don't overtrain to the point they can't get a good workout because they are still tired from their previous training.

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    thanks haz...repped

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    are the ''clean'' fats the flaxseed oils and hempseed oils?!?!

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    Yes, as well as fish oils and vegetable oils in their natural state. Saturated fats are ones which are solid at room temperature. Palm oil and coconut oil, though saturated are good for you as well. You would do well not to eat hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils. They are not food, they are garbage.

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    sat fat make me bloat like a fish, wich is why ive stopped eating them, ive allrewady started feeling better since the day before i started this thread, in a few days ill take some more pics to see a weekly update

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