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Thread: Need help losing some weight.

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    Exclamation Need help losing some weight.

    I am a 17 year old high school senior, i never had much with the girls. Yeah, im friend with them, talk to them, just want maybe get a girlfriend befroe i graduate. Enough of that, i am 6'3'', and close to 280 pounds. I some muscle, but mostly fat. Maybe around %30, way to hight.

    I need some help with getting a good diet together, low carb, high protein? low fat?

    Any help on what kind of cardio to do?

    Any supplements i should get to help? Protein, fat burners, etc.

    Thanks for all of you're help!

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    Dude, you are young enough to do this naturally, without "fat burners" and such. Read up on this board and other nutrition sites on the web to put together a healthy diet for yourself. Eat wholesome foods in reasonable portions.

    As for cardio - pick the activity that you will actually do. A treadmill is a great option, but it is boring as hell. For most people it ends up collecting piles of laundry. If your joints aren't unhealthy, get out and run. Play basketball or soccer. Try Judo. It's a GREAT workout, and in most places, it is really inexpensive. Get yourself a bicycle and ride the hell out of it. Jump rope (ever tried that? It'll kick your butt). Your cardio doesn't have to be the same thing every time - just get up and get active. Anything that gets your heart rate up is good. Just pick something(s) that you enjoy so you won't give it up.

    Also, you gotta lift to lose. Your muscles burn calories, even when you are sleeping. Work those large muscle groups to keep them burning. Get a men's fitness magazine or hit a weight training web-site to get some sample workouts. Usually you only need a few items - dumbbells mostly - and you can get a good workout. Remember that lifting your own weight is great. Pushups, Pullups, Dips, Prison Squats, Lunges, Jumps - these are all excellent exercises that you can do with no equipment at all.

    Plan to workout at least 4 days per week, do cardio some of those days and also on your off days, and make sure you are eating healthy foods and drinking lots of water. Then stick to this as a lifestyle. Don't think to yourself that you're gonna do this for 90-days or 6-months and then everything will be OK. Just make this a permanent change. Vow to eat healthfully and stay active FROM NOW ON, and you will find that you succeed in relatively little time.

    At 17, your body is still developing, but it is really at its greatest capacity to be fit. It gets much harder as you get older. It wouldn't hurt to see a doctor and get an overall physical, just to eliminate any chance that you have a thyroid problem or some other issue that is related to your weight and that needs attention. Most likely you won't have anything like that to deal with.

    As for girls - here are a few pearls of wisdom I've accumulated over the years:
    1. Girls don't care as much about how you look as they do about who you are. Be interesting. Read. Alot. Non-Fiction and Literature. Develop opinions and have interesting things to say. This will go a LONG way.
    2. Be good at something and be passionate about it. It hardly matters what it is, but women get turned on by a guy that has skills and loves what he does. Play an instrument, work on cars, build rockets, do carpentry projects, whatever... just find something and love it.
    3. Be handy. Learn about tools and how to use them. Women love a man who can fix stuff.
    4. Listen. A very wise man once told me that you can sleep with just about any woman on earth by listening to her talk for 2 hours. I have found, as chauvinistic as this sounds, there is actually some truth in it.
    5. Finally - broaden your tastes. Some guys only like blondes. Some only like supermodel looks, or big boobs, or whatever. This can limit your options. If you allow yourself to find something attractive about nearly any woman you meet, you'll find that there are a hell of a lot of attractive women out there. And, if you cover items 1-4 above, you'll have a shot with nearly all of them.

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    hey firesafeteybear1,

    To acheive something,you have to be passionate and 100% dedicated to it to reach it for the best outcome and,do you really want to do this,or are you just sitting there thinking that you want to do this?

    For starters,you are going to have to learn to love some things you might hate.
    Two things that come down to your situation:
    #1 Diet
    #2 Excercise

    For diet,you should cut your meals down to 3 simple meals a day.Breakfast,lunch and are a few things for breakfast you can have that i would suggest:
    meal1:bowl of yogurt,piece of whole meal bread and a glass of oj.
    meal2:glass of milk and two buck wheat pancakes (you will find the recipe in the recipe and food section,its excellent for cutting,buliding a tone structure and they are,carb,sugar and fat free).
    For lunch:
    meal1: Tuna salad and musli bar.
    meal2:chciken wrap with salad.
    for tea:
    i hope you like fish,especially is the best thing you can eat.its low in fat and carbs,full of protein and healthy for you in so many ways.
    so for tea i suggest fish or lean chciken with a serve of brocoli and another veg of your choice.
    Remembering not to oversize the meals no matter how hungry you are,becuase after a while,your stomach and body will ajust to it.

    for excercise.

    To get started,find a local oval or running path close to home.your not going to be able to run a mile at this stage,so il suggest to you the same as i did to my friend.every day or eod run till you reach like you cant push no further.It may feel like its killing you but when the body gets to that stage,you still have 70% left in you beleive it or not.its all in the head and each day run further than you did the day before.youl be suprised of what you can do in the period of a week. after you have your running down packed,you can choose to either continue running,or you can move onto sprints.sprints are excellent for burning calories off and help build a nice tone to the body.if you can swim and have or have access to a pool,swimming is another great way to burn cals and look great.If you want to shed this fat quick fast,do your running in the morning before you have breakfast,that way you have no food to burn off but fat.Also like dholmes007 suggested,Pushups, Pullups, Dips, Prison Squats, Lunges:these are all excellent excercises that will shed cals,build muscle and increase your strength.

    The best way to do things is the old proper natural way.When it comes to judging yourself,remember,your always the worst critic on yourself so when you look in the mirror thinking "fuck this im going nowhere" keep pushing.You see yourself everyday and your bodys changing rite infront of you before your eyes and you cant see that.

    I hope you have acheive your goals mate,

    Good luck

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    Thanks for all the advice guys! I am ready to push myself farther then i ever have to get the results i need! I am heading to the store tomorrow to grab some tuna, fish, yogurt, carb free pasta, lean chicken, whole wheat bread, etc. I appreciate all of you're help and i will keep you posted on my diet, and exercise routine.

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    Good stuff!

    keep us posted on how your going

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    If i ate right, ran for 4 hours a day, 2 hours in morning on empty stomach, and then at night for 2 hours.

    Ate healthy, and lifted weights.

    How much bodyfat could i lose in 50days?

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    I coudldnt really give you an answer for that bro.

    but you would lose alot.

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    dont over train this place is great theres alot of good info on here read the stickys. like they said for cardio do something fun mma football etc. i like mma man that a workout the first time i went to the gym for that i wanted to show my trainer that i could hang so i did not take a break did all the shit they did and spared did relly well lol till the next day my legs was so sore i was walking like i was a penguin lol

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    Hey guys, i bought a protein shake, less then $60, and i was wondering if it's good if i'm trying to lose alot of body fat. cause i am going on a diet, and working out, and cardio.

    It has 220 cal per seving, 50g protein, 3carbs, 2g sugar i think, and 750mg of potassium.

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    2 things you need to do to loose weight:

    1) CKD (cyclical Ketosis Diet)

    2) Bosshogg routine + 2-a-days cardio.


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