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Thread: Fat Cut Program?

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    Default Fat Cut Program?

    Looking for a solid 10 week program to cut about 30 pounds before a cycle. 6' 250lbs now. No stimulants, HGH, or ketosis diets, but open to other substances and diets. Thanks

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    Hazcat Guest


    There is no magic response here. It's very simple to say but much more difficult to do.....cut your caloric intake. Remove simple carbs and fat while leaving the protein. Removing the simple carbs will help avoid hunger. Removing fat will take down the calories faster. Protein will help maintain muscle mass and can be converted to glucose if needed. Any exercise you can do will assist with fat burning. A combination of weights and cardio is better than one or the other.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mcgraw7 View Post
    Looking for a solid 10 week program to cut about 30 pounds before a cycle. 6' 250lbs now. No stimulants, HGH, or ketosis diets, but open to other substances and diets. Thanks
    Hi, I'm not a pro here but I can give you some nice recipes that helped me to loose fat:

    *Eat small mills every 2-3 hours (will boost your metabolism). 5-6 meals per day. Shake with 15 almonds or an apple can be considered as a meal.

    1. Oatmeal with milk, cinnamon, 5-6 pieces of mixed fruits or nuts and a bit of protein powder for flavor.

    2. Cottage cheese salad (is my fave):
    200g of cottage (25g protein)
    small tomato
    3-4 lives spinach
    green onions
    half avocado
    white egg (5g protein)
    a bit olive oil

    Cooked chicken with steamed vegetables:
    steamed vegetables:
    3-4 small heads of broccoli
    3-4 small heads of cauliflower
    * these ones proved as fat release vegies
    can add , carrot, cabbage, onion...if you like.
    cooked chicken breast
    Cut all in pieces serve with a bit of a cooked chicken watter
    I use soy and some chili souse here instead salt and papper.

    1. Tuna salad (I love this one):
    130g tuna in water (25-30g protein)
    120g corn
    half onion
    white egg
    small spoon of low fat mayo
    can add jalapeno (spicy food also boost metabolism, but don't eat spicy if you got problems with it).

    1. Very important to have discipline, go to sleep at (max) 12pm wake up at 8am - 8 hours of a sleep (less than that will not do good).

    2. First day resistance training (weights) next day cardio (best one is the interval trainings-run sprint for 1 minute, then jogging for 2 minutes, then again run sprint for 1 minute, then jogging again. This one boost your metabolism like crazy! first week will be really hard, but after week 3 it gets lighter, then you can start increasing cycles repetition).

    After training:
    Protein Shake with small banana or strawberry, not too much of fruits, fruits full of sugar, sugar will not be burred (will be converted to fat) if you eat it before going to sleep.

    Additional stuff that might help burning fat:
    1. Fish oil tabs, intake after noon, before lunch, then your body automatically consume less fan through your mills during the day.
    2. Try to eat 30g of protein in every meal.
    3. Very important 2-3 litter of water per day, (if you taking stuff like creatin then 4 litter of water, unless it's a waist). Most of you body consist from water, you need water to maintain perfect circulation and high metabolism.
    Plus fat coming out with your sweat, I've noticed that when I drink more I can sweat more.

    These are the basics, if you stick to this discipline you will loose fat, however you might not see much of a progress on the first month, but it will be increased on the second month.

    My best results where on the third month, I've lost 16% of body fat.

    Good luck

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    Check out the CKD diet at the top of this forum man, its intense but so are the results

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    Hey man, I have been on ketosis for 3 weeks and have lost 13 pounds of fat. Feeling good and looking better.

    I will post my diet, maybe you could give it a try. Again, i am no expert. Just an Idea.

    M-1- 5 whole eggs and 4 egg whites. ( I usualy break this into two meals 1 hour apart in the morning)
    M-2- 7 oz. lean meat. (turkey, chix, tuna) 1/3 cup nuts
    M-3- 45g Isolate shake, 1 1/2 Tbls. Peanut Butter
    M-4- 45g Isolate shake, 1 1/2 Tbls. Peanut Butter
    M-5- 7 oz. Fatty protien, (Steak, salmon) 1 Tbls. Oil
    M-6- 4 whole eggs.

    Hope that will help you out man. By the way, I eat Absolutely no fruit or dairy. Even tomatoes, carrots and bell peppers are out. (high in sugar)

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