Calories than protein.

Protein shake with banana, strawberries, flax seed, and creatine/525/57
Peanut butter and jelly, organic pb and jelly/520/25
trail mix/160/5
2 eggs/160/16
chicken flautas/360/23
chicken sausage/160/18
mixed veggies/ 80/4
skinless chicken/110/25
turkey burger/200/35
skinless chicken thighs/150/20
sirloin fillets/480/37

Calories - 3,315

Protein - 287

Weight - 152

Alright so as you can see, I'm estimating i'm atleast over 800 above my TDEE. I'm on a 3 day routine right now and was wondering if it is ok to do cardio on my off days which is 4 times a week, it's just light jogging.