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Thread: CKD for WOMEN

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    Default CKD for WOMEN

    So i was just thinking about the principles of CKD for enhanced fat increased testosterone, promoting of lean muscle, using fat for fuel etc...

    Is it as effective for women? Obviously it is possible for a woman to be in Ketosis but with such a low amount of testosterone AND a smaller amount of muscle then men is it as effective? is it MORE effective because of this? Would there be dangers involving menstruation etc for a woman on this diet?

    Just some thaughts i was having everyone feel free to chime in

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    Interesting question. I'd like to hear from Sexyironlady, I'm sure she's done it. Generally, I'd say that menstration would stop due to the low BF... this happens to women athletes all of the time.

    I would think that it would be effective. The difference is really what fuel source (ie metabolic pathway) your using. As long as there's fat to burn, should work.
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    Lowering carbs has a tremendous advantage in women who are relatively lean already (by lean I mean 18% or so). Even so, stubborn lower body fat will still plague the female low-carb dieter. Yohimbine, an alpha-2 antagonist, has also failed to produce the desired results. Think of alpha-2 receptors as a "brake" for fat cells. Women have a greater proportion of alpha-2 receptors on their lower body fat than men. This, in large part, gives rise to the typical gynoid, or "pear shaped", fat patterning common in women. It was thought that if you could block the brake with yohimbine you could increase lower body fat loss during a diet. In the end, yohimbine has fallen far short of expectations. Even yohimbine creams have not worked.

    So why is it that the fat on a woman’s hips and thighs is so slow to respond to tried and true fat loss techniques? Well, research has demonstrated measurable differences in the lower body fat of men women.

    1. Fat release at rest and before eating (called basal lipolysis) is greater from upper body subcutaneous fat than from lower body fat. This is true for both men and women. Though this does not explain the differences between men and women it does help to know that lower body fat is simply less active.

    2. Beta-agonists (e.g. adrenalin, ephedrine, caffeine) do not increase lower body fat breakdown in women, but they do in men. Ouch! This effect may be due to the prevalence of alpha-2 receptors in women’s lower body fat. Once again, we see that what works for the goose will not always work for the gander.

    3. There is no gender difference in lower body fat breakdown between men and women during exercise.

    4. Estrogen plays a significant role in protecting and ensuring the accumulation of lower body fat in women.

    Using ephedrine and caffeine will not necessarily get rid of lower body fat faster than without it for women. However, insulin seems to make alpha-2 receptors more sensitive so lowering carbs in a strategic fashion can greatly improve results in the lower body. Birth control pills may also be a factor due to their estrogen content.

    Nature has made it so a woman with child can survive a famine. Presumably the man's role is complete. That's my explanation for why estrogen makes it easier to gain and harder to lose fat.

    In the end, what ultimately must happen, is that the upper body fat stores must be depleted before the lower body really becomes active.

    Of course if a women becomes too lean it will affect her hormonally in a detrimental fashion.

    I will just add that, for whatever reason, I have found doing deadlifts to be of substantial value in reducing lower-body fat stores in women.
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