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Thread: Raw vs Grilled Fish

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    Default Raw vs Grilled Fish

    Fish Fish Fish.

    I just read the article about Fish being the BEST of ALL Proteins, plus Healthy Essentials Fatty Acids(EFAs) and Oil(Omega-3).

    My question is which is better fresh raw fish or cooked fish.
    Sushi/Sashimi or Broiled/Grilled Fish.


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    like everything you cook,it loses some of its nutrition value but not much.Just like when it comes to eating raw cabbage,or boiling it your going to boil out some of its essential nutrients.I prefer tuna raw as my favourite fish,salmons ok but i prefer it cooked.I wouldnt bother eating everybit of fish raw,your still getting enough of the essential fatty acids and protein from cooked fish.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dleato View Post
    like everything you cook,it loses some of its nutrition value
    True. However, I don't agree that fish is the best protein. I mean that it has the perfect amino acid profile for building fish, yes obviously. The perfect protein source for building a human, with all the amino acids in perfect proportions would be your training partner. Eating humans is usually frowned upon however, but humans are "red" meat, so draw your own conclusions. ( Hint: Mooooo.)

    I like sashimi myself. Of course, the freshness and quality of the fish is absolutely crucial. So purchase your fish from a fish specialist and let them know you are buying it for Sashimi. Indication of freshness include moist, shiny, bright skin and firm flesh. Fish should also smell of the sea, not a pungent fishy aroma. Ask your fish monger to prepare the fish into suitable strips for sashimi. Then take your prepared strip of fish, and cut it into equal bite sized pieces

    It's most important that the knife should slice cleanly through the fish in one action, never use a sawing motion as this will crush the cells. Make sure your knife is very sharp.

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    its good to say your up to your fish knowledge LB.I have a $160 filleting knife just for fish.Never saw,always glide!

    I've found that small fish bussiness are the best place to buy from.Big commercial markets by fish from any company without knowing the background of there LB said,you dont want fish that smells fishy,it shouldnt even have much of a smell unless your smelling it rite up close.Look for cutlets and fillets that have a glossy finish,colour,no ripples and if your buying fish whole check that the eyes are not cloudy and grey.
    I worked on tuna+kingfish farms a while ago also being exp in seafood handling and seafood harvesting so those really contribute to identifying what is fresh and whats not

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    I agree with the sharp knife theory. I love to cook. For our wedding one of our presents was a 2000$ knife set of like 4 knives. They are the shit! since then its always been smooth cutting action!

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