Hey guys I posted in another forum about a var/clen cycle and since im 20% bf they talked me into chilling with the var but instead try doing a couple of clen cycles with diet and exercise to get down to around 15% before i should explore aas. I am 22years old 6'4'' 260lbs 20%bf like i said... athletic and active i lift 4 times a week and play basketball 4-6 hours a week. I have trouble losing mostly body fat as in the past when ive dieted ive lost a decent amount of strength and muscle. So im looking for a diet plan along with cycling Clenbuterol to contribute to a majority of fat loss.

right now my diet consists of:

3 eggs
slice of wheat toast
class of skim milk
fiber and multivitamins

turkey breast sandwich on wheat bread with lettuce, no cheese, very light mayo and water

post workout protein shake with skim milk and ice only

generally a chicken breast
side of either green beans or snap peas
some bbq or hot sauce for the chicken

please help me critique for my age, body size, and workout schedule
goals are 15% bf at around 240lbs

thanks in advance!