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Thread: how much water?

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    Default how much water?

    How much water should one actually consume?

    If you drink too much water couldn't your cells hypertrophy?

    Or couldn't you be flushing out all of your electrolytes?

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    1) 4 to 5 lts per day as an average. Will change depending on climate and WO frequency.
    2) possibly
    3) yes, thats why its a good idea to add some honey, lemon and a little orange juice and some salt to one lt per day
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    The more you eat the more you should drink to fulsh out excess sodium and keep the kidneys and liver detoxified.

    I normally drink 1 cup (protein cup) with each meal or shake with water than 2-3 glasses in between. Mind you this is also while im working in a factory with alot of heat and constantly working. I would drink more but the amount of piss breaks literally pisses me off. With all that water i drink my sodium levels came back just in on the border of high.

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    i keep 1 gallon as a good rule of thumb. at times i drink more, and times a bit less. when i compete, it moves up to 2 gallons/day.

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    6 liters per day minimum

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    2 liters minimum. more than that is better.

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    Hi dear,

    We should drink proper quantity of water for good health.
    Normally 12 to 15 glasses of water daily are enough for healthy life.
    I drink 13 to 16 glasses of water daily.

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    8-10 glass of water a day are necessary, it is also suggest by every doctor to drink as our body requirements.

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    I make it a point to drink at least one gallon a day. Usually it's more like 1 and a half, but always at least a gallon.

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    I tried to drink 5 litters once all through the day, during work and what not and i swear to god it felt like my blader was sore. I dunno how people do 5, i think 4 litters is the most i can do without hurting.

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