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Thread: VEGA protien shakes/ my diet

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    Griffin Guest

    Default VEGA protien shakes/ my diet

    I understand that alot of us don't agree with protien shakes, and supplements. But then again what works for one may not work for another. I used to take Whey protien directly after a workout with simple sugars such as orange, grapes, strawberry etc. I noticed that my stomach would bloat and I would feel gross, and really lazy after. With some research online I dropped the whey and replaced it with Vega protien shakes(plant based). Anyone have any thoughts on the plant based product? pros and cons?

    The reason for the protien shake is that immediately after workouts( basketball/ weights) id like to have eaten something for recovery. Its basically to hold me off until I am able to bike home and make a proper meal. I have also found that by dropping the whey, I have lost quite a bit of body fat, is this a side effect of whey protien?

    I am a varsity athlete so all the training is usually high intensity for short burst. Is thier anything else that might help immediately after workouts for recovery? I'm not a huge fan of supplements, but I've found it to help me out so thats why ive continued.

    daily diet is
    1.)gronola and hemp seeds with skim milk
    2.)6 egg whites and 2 whole eggs with 1-2 pieces of toast or home made bread dipped in olive oil and balsmic vingear
    3.)3/4- 1 cup cooked rice with about 200grams of chicken
    4.)salad with quinoa(1/2 cup cooked) 200 grams chicken .( dressing is home made with gralic, olive oil, balsmic(very little) and lemon juice)
    training( usually 2-3 hours dependant on Coaches plans) is usually 2 hours of basketball followed by 30-45 mins of weights or body weight exercises.
    5.)Vega Protien and orange
    6.)salad with quinoa(1/2 cup cooked) with 200/300gram chicken or steak
    7.)if hungry, steak/chicken or eggs

    usually aim for 3500--4200 cals each day dependant on how much the exercise load is
    I'm 6'9 250 lbs 9%bf 21 yrs old
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    Hazcat Guest


    Pasteurized egg whites with fruit and vegetables would make a great post workout shake. You could add some fast digesting carbs but they are not needed. The idea that fast acting carbs take protein into the cell doesn't hold much water since protein is digested and absorbed much slower than the simple carbs. Basically the simple carbs are just replacing muscle and liver storage which you will refill anyway with the fruits and vegatables.

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