4th cycle. Test E 400/wk, Tren E 300/wk. This is basically what I eat most days now anyways, just about 500-700 calories more. Here's the plan, and then some of my observations/questions below. THANKS in advance !! Will be posting a Cycle log soon, and general workout plan. NOTE: I'm an average Joe workout guy, not a competing bodybuilder. I'm aiming for "suffient" here, not "perfect for competing on a stage."

Meal 1 - Yes, I drink my breakfast, I know this isn't ideal but it's all I have time for. 1 cup egg whites, 3 whole eggs, 1/2cup raw oats, 1tbsp natural peanut butter, and 1 scoop natural whey. 720 cals, 35 carbs, 77 protein, 24.5 fat.

Meal 2 - 8oz organic grass-fed beef grilled, about 1/2 cup mukumame (soy beans), 1.5 cups cooked brown rice, with some natural mustard and dash of hot sauce. 744 cals, 68 carbs, 73 protein, 22.9 fat.

Workout is around 1pm weekdays, during work. Gym a couple blocks away.

Meal 3 - PWO - Simply one scoop of natural Whey in 2 cups of water.

Meal 4 - 8oz organic grass-fed beef grilled, 1.5 cups cooked brown rice, with some natural mustard and dash of hot sauce. 672 cals, 57 carbs, 61 protein, 21 fat.

Meal 5 - Snack when i get home from work: 4oz 97% lean low-sodium deli ham, 4oz 98% lean low-sodium deli turkey, just rolled up and eaten plain. This is off-the-bone stuff, not pre-packaged Hormell type junk. 220 calories, 0 carb, 42 protein, 6 fat.

Meal 6 - Snack again: One tuna packet. 200 cals, 0 carbs, 35 protein, 2.5 fat.

Meal 7 - Dinner once girlfriend is home: 8oz organic grass-fed beef grilled, 4oz grilled Tilapia, some hot sauce. 532 cals, 0 carbs, 82 protein, 20.4 fat.

Based on BMR calculations and my activity level, i think i'll need about 2700 cals to maintain, 2200 to cut, and 3200 to grow. This diet plan is 3,218 calories: 165 carbs (~21%), 394 protein (~49%), 98 fat (~27%).

(1) I'm f'ing sick of chicken. The meat in this diet is mainly organic grass-fed beef. It's pretty lean and contains ZERO "pink slime", but still this is a lot of fat I guess and, well, there isn't a ton of meat variety (beef, tuna, tilapia). I get sick of chicken really fast, but can eat this beef like there's no tomorrow. IS THIS OK ?!?

(2) Carbs. This diet is probably lower in carbs than many folks do. I definitely have a meso/endo body type. I have success at sports and physique type stuff, but i do NOT easily/quickly gain/lose weight in the right spots. I'm not naturally skinny, but i'm not naturally fat either. I have a fairly small frame. I'm pretty average. I AM SENSITIVE TO CARBS, based on the last 5 or so years I've been weight lifting and experimenting with diets.
THEREFORE: (A) I'm putting my carb intake fairly low, and (B) i'm putting nearly all my carbs in before 6pm. Another thing is that I'm afriad that carbs after ~6pm will assist the TREN with giving me insomnia. I don't want it to have any more carb fuel to affect my sleep. IS THIS OK ?!

(3) I will be taking NOW digestive enzymes with breakfast and with dinner. Why not take them all day with every meal? Well, I'm not really willing to buy 400,000 of these pills. Plus, taking Liv52 each day as well.

(4) Cheat meals - - I don't have a sweet tooth and don't generally hit up McDonalds, etc. But I plan to do this diet plan 5 days per week for sure, but Friday night, Saturday, Sunday I generally hit about half my diet plan plus go out to eat somewhere. COuld be steak and taters, a burrito from Chipotle, or could be pizza and wings during football. Nothing too destructive, or for too many meals.

ANY THOUGHTS BOYS? Thanks for reading this whole darn thing .......