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Thread: Critique My Diet- Not burning fat

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    Default Critique My Diet- Not burning fat

    Hey everyone- I'm gonna try and spell out the best I can my current diet and work out program. I'm looking for some suggestions and pointers to help achieve my goals...

    6:30 am- Coffee, bowl of oaks and hand full of blueberries
    9:30 am- 6 egg whites, water
    11:30 skinless, boneless chicken breast, broccoli/cauliflower or sweet potato water
    1:00pm Greek Yogurt or cottage cheese (no exact amount)
    5:00pm 6 egg whites, work out- usually start off w/ 20 minutes of cardio- lift more high weights, low reps for size gains
    7:30 Protein shake, shower
    8:15ish chicken breast again or salmon/cod filet w/ either broccoli/cauliflower or sweet potato

    this is my diet pretty much to a T daily for the last 6 weeks. Maybe have a cheat day on Saturday for 1 meal, and some Friday nights i'll drink some beer

    I like the muscle gains I'm starting to get- problem is...I still have stubborn belly fat that I cant shake off, if anything its either stayed the same or i've gotten more. I'm starting to up the Cardio in order to burn the fat, but I'm afraid if I do TOO much cardio- yeah I'll lose muscle gains. Suggestions? I've been on this diet and work out for 5-6 weeks now...too early to tell?

    Ultimate goal is to gain lean muscle- shed the fat.

    Planning on doing a Pro Hormone Cycle soon- would like to loose some of this fat before I start my cycle.

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    Have a look at this mate.

    Leangains Macro Calculator
    51 YO
    105 kg
    15% BF
    On TRT

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    the fat that surrounds the belly button is the hardest fat to burn off in my opinion. I don't think it's your diet you need to look at but more so performing certain excercises that target that area

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    Ditch the booze.

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    i have been working on a cutter for the last 3 months. i decided to have a cheat weekend and have some drinks, food that isnt on my diet, and dessert. i didnt splurge on this stuff all weekend just more of dinner friday and sunday sort of thing. gained 3 pounds. our biggest gains will be made immediately following a cutter, so you can imagine the effect it has when you go from calorie restriction to what we call normalization, it can be an instant effect like in my case.

    however, your not going to increase your metabolic rate by doing heavy weights and light reps. i understand that you want to have muscle but when you make a decision to lose weight especially bf in the abdominal section you have to understand and accept the fact that you may look a little smaller than desired. all i have to say is get over it, being cut looks much better than inflated flabbiness for size.

    you can try several diet options all of which include ditching the booze: 1. rearrange your diet to include carbs in the first half of the day. 2. carb cycling which has been effective for me thus far. keto diet but only for a short duration of time.

    also, pick your cardio up a bit. try fasted cardio sessions for 20 - 30 min, and post lifting cardio rather than initiating your workout with cardio. it takes the body roughly 15 - 20 min to start burning fat so if you do cardio after your workout you dont need those 15 - 20 min bc your already warmed up. change your weight lifting routine to moderate weight and higher rep count such as 15, 12, 10, 8, & 15. some exercises you may feel like a weak ass, again get over it. keep a strict limit on your rest, i prefer 30 sec breaks between sets. lastly make sure your lifts are truly targeting the muscle rather than being careless about form and just repping till failure.

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    Meal 1:
    1/2 TBSp Udos Oil
    1/2 Cup Oatmeal
    Full scoop Vega One
    1/2 serving whey isolate
    1g Vitamin C
    2g Omega 3's

    Meal 2:
    6oz Lean Ground Beef
    1/3 Cup brown rice
    1cup Greens (broccoli, spinach etc.)

    Meal 3:
    6oz Chicken breast
    1/3 Cup brown rice
    1cup greens

    Meal 4:
    1/2 can tuna
    Half a bell pepper ****ped up
    1cup greens
    1/2 tbsp of udos oil

    Meal 5: (Pre-workout)
    6oz chicken breast
    5oz yams
    Banana or apple
    2g L Carnitine

    Meal 6: (During workout)
    15g BCAA's
    25g glucose from gatorade

    Meal 7: (Post workout)
    2 Scoops Whey Isolate
    5g Glutamine
    5g Creatine
    3/4cup oatmeal

    Meal 8:
    1cup Eggwhites
    1/2 scoop vega one
    1g Vitamin C

    Water: I always consume atleast 3Litres a day, pretty much ALWAYS around 4)
    Total: Protein:294g Carbs:183g Fat:56g (2412 Calories)
    (I add some condiments to my meals but nothing crazy)
    (IF youre going to drink alcohol, Vodka, Water and Lime is your best choice, if youre going to be cyclin pro-hormones dont touch alcohol, your liver will need all the help it can get)

    Off day, all I do is take out meal 6 and 7. Also, on meal 5 I am only having 3oz of yams instead of 5.

    Ive been on this for about 4 months now, my training was very very lazy for the first 2 1/2 months, since i started ive lost around 15lbs of fat. Use this if you'd like.
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