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Thread: Injectables for women.

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    I use to compete about 13 years ago in women's bodybuilding. I use to run deca, primobolan and winny then. However, the gear has changed a lot since then and I am interested in competing again. I've been running the same kind of cycles for the past 2 years. However, I want to gain some more size and do another NPC show. What cycle do your recommend for bulking and what cycle for cutting? Thanks.

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    I'm not really heavy or anything I'm almost 5' 10" and 150-155 pounds so my diet is good I don't eat anything out of a box except bran flakes I eat fruits veggies chicken turkey red meat pork i have cheat days too but I am thinking I am eating too much I'm always hungry I do 30 min bike at lv 10-12 hill climb it's intense and the 30 min elliptical same levels etc .. This is the first thing I've tried to take other then store bought stuff. U put alot of hard work in and nothing I want to loose 10-15 pounds I'm not entering any comps but would love to fit a size 28-29 waist Jean again

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    I'm 40 yrs old, and I exercise /weight train on a daily basis. I have hit a wall. I can't seem to lean out anymore like when I was younger. I put in alot of hard work and am ready to experiment with something light & easy . I've been told Primobolan tabs 25mg are the way to go...I can't hardly find the damn things...Can I even talk about this like "this" here? I certainly don't want to break any rules...I'm just so frustrated being "natural" at this point...I really deserve more for the amount of work I do. I'm 5'4" and 145 pounds.

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    No one "deserves" a great body just because they think they work hard enough. I don't deserve the 15" arms I want; I'll get them after I do what it takes for as long as it takes.

    You're 40 and can't get the results you had when you were younger? Uh, ok...I'm 30 and neither can I! You have to diet and train differently as you age.

    You don't list your diet, bf% or what you do in the gym. Given your stats I assume you have fat to lose and taking steroids isn't the way to do that. Neither are fat burning drugs/hormones if you have the 20+ extra pounds you probably do; those drugs are for getting into contest shape and not for dropping serious extra pounds.

    I hear primo is one of the more expensive drugs out there; if you can afford that, why not hire a trainer and follow a real program?

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    Thanks for posting the information on women's injectable cycles . I am a strength athlete so i train for size and strength . I do strong man competitions and tough man events. I am very familiar with everything you mentioned .I have been very lucky since i know my body real well One thing i would like to add to what you said above and that is ladies don't let your boyfriend or husband design your cycle . This is important cause men don't know how to design a female gear cycle and the women stand to get bad experience from it . So read and learn for your self!!

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