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Thread: safest steroid for women for muscle

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    Hello, I came across your post and was interested in the fact that you have the same goals as I do. Actually, we almost have the same workouts and stats. Im 5'5 and weigh 127. I wanted to share some info with you. I would recommend you trying anavar prior to trying any injectable. As a newbie, I made the mistake of trying an injectable before trying a pill form steriod. I weighed 118 before trying deca, and over 2 months i gained 12 lbs. It was amazing. The only things is, I experienced all the sides that this steroid gives. The main one is virilization. I developed mild acne on my face, chest and back. I did retain a lot of water in my mid section. I noticed some small hair growth to my chin and upper lip and around my jaw bone. I did have clit enlargement and increased sex drive. My menstrual cycle did stop, however,I did notice clear ******* discharge during my workout outs and through out the day. And by all means, i was not sexually active at the time. It was almost as if my hormones were elevated. I was on the steriod for only 8 weeks and stopped in Aug. I have been off since then, and just recently had a regular menstrual period last week. I had to see a derm for the acne on my chest and back, which is slowly resolving. My face is clear, however, the type of acne is more cystic on the upper back. I was taking a high dose which first started off with 50mg, then jumped to 150mg x2 weeks then to 300mgx2 weeks then tappered down to 150mg, 100mg, 75mg, then to 50mg. I did love the gains and how strong i got, and i don't have regrets, however, if i could help somebody else i would. If i could go back i would have started low and go slow. My voice is still the same, I don't sound like a man, however, my voice is deeper, and don't know if that will ever go away. I still sound feminine but it is definitely different from before. At least, my family and friends have noticed. Well, if there is anything else that you would like to know please feel free to email me.
    Why you decided to jump your Deca on such high doses?? Thanks for the information good for some of the ladies that are tempting or have a bf that is trying to get them to use injectables.

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    agree, i know top pro bodybuilders who do not use that much!

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