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Thread: menses - and clen/anavar

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    Default menses - and clen/anavar

    Hi guys, im on my 3th week on clen/anavar, i run 15mg anavar per day, and 14days on/14days off clen, and now my menses is delayed? is it because of the roids? im on p pills and about 3 days i should start taking the first p pills again, and my menses is still delayed?

    hope you can help me ..

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    There are many article out there that indicate anabolic steroids can effect menstrual cycle.
    The statements contained herein have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The consumer comments and experiences relayed herein may not be typical. Your experience may vary.

    Disclaimer: The advice I provide is based on experience and/or research and should not be considered professional medical advice. It is best to confirm any potential use of a drug or possible medical condition with a licensed doctor.

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    Yes the AAS's will cause this, and it will usually throughtout your cycle and for awhile after until your natural estrogen levels get leveled back out and hormonal levels regulate themselves.

    Stay Strong~~!!!

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    Never used anavar but I've used other AAS; on my second cycle now. The first one, my period completely stopped while I was using and for two months afterward. This time, I have gotten it, but only for a day each month.

    Really not such a bad thing IMO, but then again, I am done having kids.

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