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Thread: Winnie for the ladies~

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    Please know that winny can be a crapshoot w/ the sides - it can be decidedly more androgenic than anavar for women. Typical doses are 10 mg ED, optimally split in half, am & pm since the half-life, like var is about 9 hrs. For a more advanced BBer, or risk taker you can up the dose 5-10mgs, but really should not go above 25mgs, unless youre very experienced and well versed with this drug, as everyone is different. Another dosing method if you've got larger tabs or injectable is 25 mg E3D possible EOD depending on the individual. Also like var, takes 10-14 days to "show" itself - i.e. you can't take it and expet to "feel" something immediately. This period of time will tell you if you've got a bad batch other than winny or you react badly to it. Sometimes things are dosed more strongly than advertised and you can get some stronger sides from that so use those first 2 weeks as your 'test period'. If ok, then continue. If not, stop the cycle.

    Potential sides are voice change, hair loss, chin hair growth, acne, etc. Occassionally you hear about similar to "sus flu" from it as well.

    For a female, absolutely recommend including acidophilus w/ any AAS cycle since any AAS can have the potential to screw w/ the balance of "good" &"bad" ******* bacteria, resulting in vaginosis / ***** infections. Also recommend a good liver support like LIV-52 or Tylers.

    And regarding expectations - it is still an AAS so it may "lean you out" but you will also put on some lean muscle mass so don't be surprised if your weight goes up.

    Stay Strong~~!!!

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    thank you for your post!!

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