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Thread: winny

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    Question winny

    Hi Everyone! just wanted to know if anyone(female) has had experiance with winny? and How was or what was the results? thank you

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    hey im not a female but winny can be very harsh on women. things suck as clitoris enlargement adam's apple and male like features are permanet side effects and winstrol may cause all of these. ive seen it and its not very attractive. try looking into anavar if you havent already and stick with that. anavar is very mild and causes minimal if any side effects at all. good luck
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    Here's some info for you~

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    Just chiming in because I'm using it right now, 150 mg a week. (Orals) I honestly don't know if it's doing anything because while I am getting nice results, I am also using sustanon and dbol, so who knows...

    I used winny last year along with clen for a cut and again, nice results, but I think that was more the clen.

    But so far no bad side effects either. (Yes I am a woman.)

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    Thanks! I been hearing alot of good things about clen and var! so I have been leaning towards those 2 for cutting but I am still bulking and have time yet!

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