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Thread: Experience with Primo?

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    Default Experience with Primo?

    My trainer suggested I include Primo in my bulk cycle. Never used it and everything I've read says it's mostly used for cutting. Can it be run in both cycles (about 24-25 weeks total) or should I save it for cutting?

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    Hazcat Guest


    Cutting or bulking is dependent upon nutrition and not the steroid you're taking. All steroids are for adding mass. Some are often listed as cutting agents because they don't aromatize to estrogen therefore you hold less water during the cycle giving the appearance of being leaner. They are still designed to add muscle and will do that if caloric intake is above maintenance and you train. If caloric intake is below maintenance then you'll cut.

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    i have only used it while i was cutting, it really helps with keeping your muscle as you diet down for contest. 1st time i used it, i realized that i was not "figure", as i was the biggest one up there, could have won the FBB part of that show!!

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    Is it better than anavar, or best used with var? Does the oral primo work well? After 12 weeks of injecting I get really sick of it, but I can do it if I have to.
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