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Thread: Thin and lacking in muscle tone after months of being ill. Need some advice.

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    Default Thin and lacking in muscle tone after months of being ill. Need some advice.

    Hi, all!

    To make a long story short: I have been ill for a long time, and have lost a lot of weight and muscle tone. I used to work out a lot (amateur bodybuilder) and train martial art for many years, and really miss being seriously fit again. But with very little energy and a constant feeling of being listless and physically tired most of the time these days, I find it difficult to get into proper training again without some "chemical" help. I wouldn't blink if somebody suggested anabolic steroids, but I don't know the first thing about what to start with, dosage and where to get hold of it.

    All advice would be greatly appreciated. And if anybody wants to talk privately, I can post an e-mail address here (if that is allowed). Thanks.


    Mach, (female)
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    first whats your age and why you been ill? what does it makes you so tired?

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    Hello, thanks for your response.
    I am 42, and, according to doctors, I have (or have had) something they call, for want of a better word (I think), "exhaustion syndrome". Onset by a very stressful year work-wise. My personal guess is that they don't know exactly what has been wrong. I have had no appetite and have spent a lot of time sleeping in the day. My blood pressure has been as low as 72 over 44. After a short stay in hospital, I decided to force myself to eat more and start taking supplements. It has worked to a degree, although I am not "there" yet. All the while this has been going on, I have been waiting for the day I'd have enough strength to get back in the gym. My muscles have dwindled, and that is actually the worst thing about this situation.
    I have never tried anabolic steroids or other drugs before, but I have decided to explore ways of doing so. Obviously UNDER CONTROL.
    So anybody who can give advice as to what to start with and where to get it - it would be much appreciated.
    Is Anavar an option?
    Finally: I have read somewhere that it is legal to buy/keep anabolic steroids for personal use; is this a fact? And can you legally buy from abroad, or has anyone recommendations as to where to buy here in the UK?

    Lots of words here - thanks again for your response!

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    First, congrats on trying to get your life back together and getting your health under control.

    Now, for the cycle. Anavar is obviously not a bad option for you, but I would like to hear more about supplements, training etc that you are doing or willing to do. I believe that with the right course of action you can achieve your results fairly naturally without much of a problem.

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    if I was you I would do your estradiol and cortisol checked.seems that u have couch syndrome because of high cortisol or your main hormone is down to toilet because of stress. im from uk but we dont source here steroids on this site

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    Hello Tealc.
    Thanks a lot for your response. At the moment I am doing just 45 mins in the gym with basic exercises - crosstrainer, rowing machine, cycle; then back, biceps, triceps, bench press, stomach, front and back of thighs. I work very concentrated, so there is no dead-time. But even the simplest and lightest exercises are a slog, and I feel I have nothing to give but self-discipline. I have been used to force myself to the limit - that is how I like to train - but that is not possible as yet. I train twice a week for now, trying not to push so hard I lose my mental spirit. The supplements: General vitamins, iron, a B-complex, vegetarian proteins (I don't eat meat), have ordered protein powder. I don't drink alcohol and I don't smoke. I am just impatient, and looking for something that can give me a boost. Hence the inquiry about anabolic steroids.

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    Estradiol and cortisol - thank you! Will check it out. I do soo need to get out of this rut. If only I could blame it on something like depression or grievance over something, but no, I feel absolutely fine mentally, just very tired physically. Strange...

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    u see steroids aren't your answers to what you seek,they not magic pills that u pop in and u have great energetic life its far from that...they usually come with side effects which most of the time actually effects you psychically.i just dont se anavar helping u,sort your blood work first

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    Hazcat Guest


    Women actually do quite well on a very low dose of steroids and anavar or tbol may be a good jumping off place. I'd look into some impamorelin as well. I take it you've have a full range of blood work done recently and nothing has been found to be out of order. Make certain they have ruled out any type of cancer before taking a steroid or growth hormone peptide. Mach are you in the UK? If so it might be good to get in touch with one of our UK members to give you hand getting started.
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