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Thread: Enlarged Clitoris

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    Default Enlarged Clitoris

    Any women out there with big clits? We want pictures of that little orgasm making weenie!
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    lmfao. see if you can find that WWE chick chinas porno. she has a serious dick clit

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    Orgasm making weenie? Guys can you tell me if this is normal or not..So I was with this girl for 3 years and she has never had a clitoral orgasm, she didn't even like her pussy licked unless I was fingering her at the same time or if I just put my tongue in her hole. She said she didn't like it really cause it got too wet and it felt nasty. She could only have an orgasm through sex, and she would have sometimes 2 or 3 in a row! But I guess I liked that cause licking down there was a chore and I would always lose my erection lol..Plus I never really liked the taste, especially towards the hole. And any slight smell would totally shut me down, which was present with every girl i've been with unless they took a shower right before, and even then sometimes it still did.

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    they are all good!! there are many out there that you can find your own pics!!

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