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Isnt it tough in OZ/ Not realy!

  1. Sizematters!
    I mean it is tough to find quality suppliers of legitimate gear, without being ripped off. It is even hard to get what supps are legal in the states but are illegal here, such as ECA stacks etc. We cant even import a prohormone. Or anything with Yohimbine in it, What a load of crap! Very conservative country we live in regards bodybuilding, but still a great country to live in! I am hopeful to be on to some Sustanon250 and Deca, but trying to get test. I am also trying to prepare properly with my PCT with both Novaldex and:string Arimidex. Later on Ill also get on the Clen. I am trying to achieve a solid 8 - 10kg retained lean muscle. Ideally at this point I want to be ripped at around 90kgs. I welcome your responses and ideas on the cycle Im gonna do, just got to confirm my source and their price too.
  2. Dleato
    Yeah i second that mate.For ages and ages i was looking around and finally found one after about a year of looking,then after that found a few more legit sources.I dont really see many bad reasons why they cant have legal steroid use here from personal expierience.i mean after time i spose you will have problems and pus if it was legal it would be one less thing cops and customs would have to worry about."Suss 250 + deca"..good choice!! you will get nice gains from that but recovery is going to be a *****! lol.pretty much got the same goals as me.Im 90 atm but hoping to blow to 100 then lean back to the 90 mark by the end of the year.Hope you get your gear and course goes well for you!! good luck bro
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