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Thread: some more IGF related questions

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    Quote Originally Posted by twinsen View Post
    I'm down to the following and hopefully last 2 questions:

    1/ I can get either IGF1 with some AA included, or either IGF1 suspended in BA. I know that those are 2 types of alcohol, but I don't know what the differences are in effect and ease of use

    2/ How should I prepare my pegmgf? SHould I use it with some bacteriostatic water? If so, should/can I dillute my IGF injections with it as well?

    With the calculated risk of being called a noob, I'm still asking this.. Don't have experience with peptides here yet, only with steroids..
    Typically IGF will come in AA as then you get the best storage times from it. Make sure you draw up a little BW into your syringe before injecting though as will take the sting out of the AA and also ensure you get all your IGF. Don't use BW for reconstituting IGF as the shelf life will be neglible then.

    BW is fine for MGF.
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    ok, took my first shot of pegmgf today.. was little more painful than I imagined, but it was ok I guess.. (put 2*125mcg in both legs for starters)

    tomorrow i'll get my first igf shots!

    couple of things:

    1/ measuring is a *****
    2/ reconstituting pegmgf is a *****
    3/ research, research, research!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by twinsen View Post
    my first shot of pegmgf today.. was little more painful than I imagined,(in both legs)
    Leg shots for some reason are the most painful for me next to chest shots. Bis, delts, and lats are the least painful shots imo.
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    you're right! i'm just rotating sites, starting with my legs because it fit in my training schedule

    pain is not too bad, makes me feel alive

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