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Thread: 80 iu glotropin - is it enough?

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    Default 80 iu glotropin - is it enough?

    hey guys ive got 80 ius of glotropin, 8 iu vials. just wondering if that is enough to use while on test and see results? and if so what dosage would be ideal? im thinking 2 iu EOD while doing my regular aas cycle at the same time...?

    and should i use t3 cytomel with it? i have that also.

    and lastly, would i need to do pct after my cycle as per usual even tho i have used hgh with it? any info would be appreciaited thanks guys oh and the aas cyle would be a 12 week cycle of boldenone and test

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    what are your stats? 80Ius is not going to go far.

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