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Thread: red top hgh???

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    Ahhh... ok, I gotcha. The Hygetropin Red tops are 10 iu as I mentioned, if that's what you're getting.

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    Ya, thats what I was wondering. Are blue tops also 10 iu a vial do you know?THANK YOU!!

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    Human Growth Hormones

    1.Specifications: 10iu/Vial, 10 Vial/Box, no dilution water inside.Minimum Order Quantity: 10 Vials/Kit Improved skin texture resulting in a more youthful appearance Fewer skin

    2.HGH,HGH hygetropin,jintropin product,generic hgh,blue top with famouse lables . hygetropin hgh detail imformation :25 via* 8 iu=one carton jintropin hgh detail imformation : 10 vials

    These are 2 offerings from suppliers in China. As you can see, one is 8 iu, the other 10 iu. Both are Blue tops. They look identical obviously. Hopefully you can trust your supplier. Otherwise you really wouldn't know what you were getting anyways.

    EDIT: You can see that the second offer is a counterfeit. Doesn't mean that it's not real though. It most likely is actually.
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    ok thank you so much I appreciate all your help and time

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