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Thread: red top hgh???

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    Default red top hgh???

    I was getting some hgh, got blue tops once before but this time the person is saying he gets red tops. Cant find any info out there on red top hgh... anyone know about red tops?thanks

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    Hygetropin makes redtops. But the generic manufacturers in China will put any color top you want. Blue, red, orange, yellow.... Doesn't really mean anything.

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    Someone over here in Oz had Chinese Blue Tops 60iu not too long ago and they definitely worked, reports from people were very promising.

    Just thought I'd add that in here

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    thanks.... I used blue tops the one time I have done hgh and didnt have any sides so would perfer this but he kinda told me he gets red tops after. Im very careful in what I put in my body so check everything out and cant find squat out there on red tops. Makes me wonder how many iu's in each vial, quality etc.

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    Pretty much all the hgh out there is made by the same few companies in China. The Hygetropin Red tops are made by Hangzhou Keriopharm.chem.Co.,*** for instance. The vials are 10 iu, not 8.

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    THANKS that is what I was wondering, is it legit and iu's per vial- THANKSSSSS! Hope you get on this every now and then if I have more questions come up lol

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    You're welcome

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    Ok so someone up there mentioned Blue tops 60ius?????? I had blue tops in past and was told there were 100 ius in the kit- 10 iu per vial..... are they not ALWAYS like that? Im sorry I just always question and want to make sure iM not being taken. If there is less IU in each vial than 10 I was told then I wasnt taking much at all and hence maybe not much results

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    Maybe they only had 6 vials for some reason or another. HGH also comes in 8 iu vials. I don't understand what that has to do with your dosage though, unless you do the whole vial at once.

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    Well if I think there are 10 iu's in the vial but there are only 8 (the powder) then when I reconstitute it with the water amount for 10 iu's its really deluted and when I inject 2 iu's Im not really injection full strength 2 iu of ghg--- make sense? So when the guy above mentioned 8 ius per vial I was wondering if blue tops are all 10 ius or some can be 8 and since the box doesnt "say" you have to go by what your told by whom ever you get them from.

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