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Thread: help needed from arabia..

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    Default help needed from arabia..

    im 30 years old and weight 99 k.g (was 111 k.g 15 days ago) i go to gym everyday workout 50 minutes cardio and one muscle a day plus almost 500 sit-ups .. im fat but have huge shoulders and arms with low fat since most of my fat is at the stomach and chest area .... i started the following cycle and diest please advise although i have my own private trainer but many times he says things that i prove wrong via searching ..
    i use
    igf 1 r3 800mcg/ 3ml pen : 15 ticks every day 10 minutes after workout (since i didnt know how much is that in mcg)
    testabolon 400 (test enanthane+cypionate+isocaproate+becanoate) : 1 ml per week
    decabolon 200 : 1 ml per week
    d-anabol 10 : 30 mg per day after the second meal
    efedrin : 50 mg per day 20 minutes prior workout
    vitamin c 4000 mg per day 1000 at a time

    i eat when ever i can puting 2 hours diffrence between meals :
    brown pasta , broccli , mushrooms, tomato , brown rice , and veal meat or chicken breast not exceeding 200 g per meal
    i cut carb 3 hours prior workout and protien after workout
    after workout i eat date and drinnk orange juice to stabalise my blood sugar
    so please advise if i should change my diet and do you suggest any modification on the cycle also what do suggest after the igf-1 finish since it will last a month only and as i read i should stop it after that and is it true that igf bulk you up after 45 days from stoping it ?
    thanks for every person who spared time to read what i wrote and gave any help

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    hi.that is huge amount of roids you take here!where is your AI?how long you thinking to run your cycle?what you planing for your pct

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    I am pretty new here so please correct me if i am wrong or if there is something i don't know but i believe that ephedrine and Dbol don't really go together.

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    igf-1 for 1 month and testa, Danabol and deca for 10 weeks and regarding pct i havent decided yet .....

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    you should have your pct before you start your steroids in case sides kick`s in,during cycle arimidex must have,pct nolva,aroma,clomid,you must have on hand these things in case something happens.

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    by the way whats AI????

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    by the way whats AI????

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    That's a mess of compounds bro, and if you don't no what AI is you shouldn't be cycling.
    Ai - aromatizing inhibitor (estrogen blocker)

    I might recommend starting a pct.. Get bloodworm done then go from there..
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    i will take proviron 50 and nolvadex once a day and pregnyl every 15 days 5000 mg injection... as pct anything else i should know about???? and regarding HCG its imppossible to obtained here
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    thanx to all those who replied but i still didnt get all the help i need ...

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