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Thread: HGH with type 1 diabetes

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    Default HGH with type 1 diabetes

    Hey guys, I'm asking this question for my wife. She is 31 years old, 5'7", 140lbs. She just gave birth to our twins and getting back into training. She is just making her return back to the gym and getting her diet back under control. She is very serious about running some GH in a few months once her training is back on track. My question is:

    1- what is a typical dose for women (1iu, 2 iu??)

    2- she has type 1 diabetes (insulin dependant) and very well controlled. Will GH affect her insulin sensitivity?

    Any suggestions or personal experiences would be much appreciated.


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    insulin is more anabolic than any substance on the planet so she can grow grow grow.

    If she takes her GH in the evening with low carbs in her body then she will be fine. Do a little more research though as I am not positive how it will affect her body.

    1.5 IU will be a replacement dose for a woman about the age of 28. 2.5 IU will have her leaning out nicely and 4IU will put her into teenage growth state.

    I would start 1.5 iu week see how things go, move it up slowly and monitor side effects. Max out at 2.5 IU for 3-4 weeks and see how she feels.

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    I have to start dosing a little lower to avoid carpal tunnel symptoms and hypoglycemia. I start at 1 iu and with diabetes I'd recommend a gradual build up to see how she fairs with GH. Sticking at doses for at least for 3 to 4 weeks will allow her to get used to the effect they'll have on her body. 2-4 iu's is plenty for fat loss and skin benefits. At 4 iu's I get a lot of hypoglycemia so 2 is the magic number for me. She'll just have to see what works for her. It takes much higher doses for muscular gain and you risk the chance of organ enlargement at those doses. Even at 4 iu's she may see her feet grow.

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    Ok Thanks guys.

    I'll start her at 1.5 iu's per day and probably max her at 2.

    Thanks again

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