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Thread: Wanting to start IGF-1

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    Default Wanting to start IGF-1

    Should I use LR3 or DES? how much should I use and how long should the cycle be?
    I am really new to this, so help a brotha out.

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    take igf lr3 do from 50 to 100mcg a shot,try which dosage is good for u.when to pin? u can pin into working muscle group pre(both sides) u van pin into worked muscles post workout or u can pin before bed.after pin always have glutamine 10-20g,bcaa,eaa,creatine to maximise effect.bare in mind igf l3 stays for 22hours so u might fell on low sugar in times because it likes to chew your glucose so u have to eat more carbs during day. another thing u can pin into fat but I fell better when its in muscle. if u have cadh u can pin igf des just before workout(u pin in the loo and go straight workout) with your supp drink and l3 post workout. igf needs to be used for 30days o 30days off

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    DES all day. show me research chem LR3 that tests.....???

    The only stuff ive seen thats REAL, was from a GH source in china. Lr3, on paper is awesome, just all the stuff 95% of guys have access to is fake.

    get DES and do 2x, 4 days a wk dosing. 80mcg each bi, or each pec, quad, and so on. You will burn on a vial in a wk, maybe 1.5wks. so prepare when you order.

    The info above is great, pretty much spot on, but thats under the assumption you can get real stuff. the only place id even try LR3 would be from SRC and idk about that anymore either.

    can you get GH?

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