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Thread: are peptides for real?

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    Red face are peptides for real?

    I have been running my researches on these things and have heard magic stories as well as explanation from doctors from how and why these things are so amazing. I still have my worries, I trust the people on here you have guided me in son which way from diets to my approach on these things and I guess id like to hear why some of you guys do or do not like the peptide movement. I would be looking into bulking peptides igf-1's hgrps' s etc. If anyone can help id GREATLY APPRECIATE IT. I want to just know if its worth the stack with my aas.
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    Great for bridging. Great for repair... I've seem claims of running enough ghrp to rival running 6 iu's of hgh. You have to do a lot of research though. E every compound deserves 3 peer reviewed articles of your full attention.

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