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Thread: HI! New Member here

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    Default HI! New Member here

    Hi everyone my name is Chris im from Houston,TX. im 22 yrs old 5'9 about 152 pounds with 14 % body fat and i,ve been taking testosterone enanthate 250mg and deca 200mg for about 4 weeks, I shoot 1 cc of each every saturday and workout from mon-fri. This is my first cycle so im a nooby and was wondering if that is enough to get some results any comments would be appreciated, im trying to bulk up to about 180 pounds and get lean afterwards, i did weigh in at 144 lbs before i started using but to me i cant tell that im gaining any weight when i look at myself, except my belly and my chest. anyways nice to meet you guys ands glad to be apart of this forum now! ^_^ also i was wondering if there is any other stuff i should be taking with the test e and deca?
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    welcome to IS.

    i was wondering if there is any other stuff i should be taking with the test e and deca?
    yes!. Arimidex,dostinex and nolvadex.

    the best way to run deca IMO is to run it 100mg less then the test e and end the deca a week before you end the test e. Run test e @ 500mg/week and deca @ 400mg/week.
    you can split the shots into 2.
    Monday 250mg test e and the same on thursday
    tuesday 200mg deca and the same on friday.
    try to get some might be ok for now since the low dose and both substances being long estered.when you have arimidex run it @ .5mg eod.
    for pct (post cycle theropy) get some nolvadex and run it two weeks after your last shot of test e @ 20mg ed for the first 4 weeks then 10mg ed for the next week.

    keep and eye out for any lumps/pain around the nipple.
    make sure your eating lots training hard and getting a good sleep. <--if you dont follow that dont expect to see any results.

    All the best


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    thanks bro will do for sure. ^_^

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    Quote Originally Posted by ccg19877 View Post
    thanks bro will do for sure. ^_^
    Good lad

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    Welcone to IS

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    welcome to IS... Nice intro. Now eat, eat, eat.

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    thanks for the replys guys i feel very welcomed

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    Please,DO NOT contact me via PM for sources-dom or int.i have no such knowledge of either.Thank you in advance.roc...

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    Default Hey bro.

    Nice meeting you.

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    Welcome to knowledgeville.

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