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Thread: new guy from Miami

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    Default new guy from Miami

    hey guys whats up im 19 years old started my first first cycle when i was 16 i have gained about 25lbs since i use to weigh 160 now im at 185. im about 5'6 if your wondering. just have acouple questions about DNP and CLEN i wanted to shred some fat quick for the summer which one would you recommend?

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    Welcome to IS

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    welcome...i hope you know what you're doing.DNP/CLEN to shed fat at your age????on gear at your age????i hope you're a huge 180lbs.25lbs should and could be gained easily from 16 to 19 natty.what are your goals?do you plan on competeting?what's your routine like/post these in the appropriate section.i can't believe not one person said or asked anything to this matter.this is why we get a bad rap...
    Please,DO NOT contact me via PM for sources-dom or int.i have no such knowledge of either.Thank you in advance.roc...

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    Welcome to IS. I would never touch DNP its very dangerous. And at your age clen or any steroid should not even be in the picture. But I would much rather see you use clen than DNP.

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    At first try to get rid of fat in natural ways and if you don't succeed only then you can try to use some drugs

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