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Thread: Please anyone tell me about the cycle

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    Default Please anyone tell me about the cycle

    hello friends I am new here and I have been practicing in the gym for the last 6 months. I have heard a lot about the cycle of decadonat+testoviron+d-bol. I am good in practicing. But didnot get size in my body. pleas tell me about the usage of these three. How to use them in what quantity day by day. can we mix deca and testa to use . please tell me.

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    D-Bol daily depending on dosage and testoviron ampules start with 1amp twice a week which is 1/2cc q 4 days for 2 weeks then up dosage to 1 ampule q 4 days see how that works for 10 to 12weeks at week 9 start tapering down use novadex for estrogen blocker, finasteride for hair loss, clomid last two weeks of cycle and the following two weeks after for natural testosterone booster

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