Protein/Carbohydrate Cycling Manual: By: Mr.X
I would like to dedicate this to my father, who taught me to be a man and stand up for the things I believe in.
--a poem for my lost love--
Your Beauty
Your beauty is’t heart describ’d.
Tis of passion and delight,
That leads me always to believe
Your charms of personality, I only can achieve
Wi’t luve and honesty, which’st so true
It turns’t inside me like a brew
Of happiness, and enlightenment too
But, I despise, fact that you’re not wi’t me,
And o’er there where’st me is’t not
For my true luve is brewing in a pot
That is’t so hot, that only true luve
Can liv’th degree so hot
And I shall end this leery poem
Wi’t words of wisdom to condone
For I can’t wait to see my luve
Who has the beauty of a dove.
But, when the moment shall arise
I wil’st act wi’t no surprise, to beauty
That you hold inside; which brings to me
True joy and true delight.
By: Mr.X
STEP 1: (4 days)--1 hour of cardio before breakfast--(low intensity)
-cut carbs to 0.4g per pound of bodyweight while increasing protein
intake to 1.75g per lb.
207lb. person example
so at 207lb for the 4 days you need 365 g protein, and 80 g carbs...
80 carbs you should in two meals, 1 meal in the morning, let's say
oatmeal for 40 carbs and then 40 carbs (no sugars in any carbs) after
workout w/ protein shake, ->get something like Carbo Max/dextrose or
some other CLEAN (no/low sugar) carb powder ..try
now, your protein should be lean, chicken breasts, turkey breasts, egg
whites, fish, lean steak ->i.e. only beef eye round w/ NO FAT on it
and throw in 1 tbsp of flaxseed oil before bed (at first)
STEP 2: (2 days) --40 min of cardio before breakfast--(higher intesity
then step 1)
-Increase carbs to 1g per lb, lower protein to 1.3 g per lb
207 lb.person example
intake should be 205 carbs w/ 270 g protein
carbs should be ONLY low glycemic,->pasta, brown rice, oatmeal,
yams, sweet potatoes, beans... carb powders wont do->only after workout
break the 205 carbs into roughly 6 you need about 30-35
low glycemic carbs per meal
STEP 3: (1 day ONLY!) -- 45 min cardio before breakfast--(same intesity
as step 2)
-INCREASE carbs to 3.5 g per lb and lower protein to 1 g per lb
207lb. person example
700 carbs and 200 g protein (700 carbs into 6 meals, is roughly
you take in 115 carbs per meal)
you should have mostly high glycemic carbs FIRST 4 meals...
i.e. some fruit (not a lot of fruit), sugar free yogurt, cream of rice,
cream of wheat, sugar free for the last 2 meals
you eat low glycemic carbs like, oatmeal, brown-rice, yams, beans, sweet-potato , pasta.
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