The 10 Commandments you need to know to become the supreme bodybuilder

Before we talk about the 10 commandments, I want to point out that anyone can use these simple 10 commandments to achieve greatness. No matter who you are, where you are or when you are going to imply these methods, you will ALWAYS be successful in achieving your goal. Since I expect mostly bodybuilders or athletically oriented people to read this, I underwent a personal decision to be vague and not strictly aim this towards bodybuilding. As Shakespeare once wrote, the one who fails “…loves not wisely, but too well.” This quote signifies people who do not understand the difference between looking at things the right way and looking at things the wrong way. To succeed in anything, especially bodybuilding these days, you need to be WISE beyond your years, for the consequence that will be brought upon you due to lack of education can be devastating. A commonly known expression, “think on your feet,” symbolizes thinking wisely instead of thinking hard. For example, I know many people that use 2g of Test and 1g of deca w/ 1g EQ, GH and SLIN, and guess what: THEY LOOK LIKE SHIT!!! The reason is that they think the drugs are going to do it for them, while in reality if they thought wiser, they could have gotten much more results. I, on the other hand, used 100mg Fina ED w/ 50mg anavar ED w/50mg winnyED w/ 250mg sust—week and armidex, proviron, T3 and clen/eca, with only light slin use; guess what, I got DOUBLE the results if not more. I looked better and guess what, I was respected more because I did not look like a bloated blow-up doll from the local sex shop. Enough said, let’s get to the fun part.

(In fear of being labeled as a preacher of god, I am putting in a disclaimer: I do not preach god, I am preaching tools to success)

The 10 Commandments to become a supreme bodybuilder:

1st Commandment:
Today you start from scratch. Today you begin a new path that will guide you to greatness. DO NOT look back at your past failures, just move on. Shed your old skin that has too long suffered bruises of failure. YOU ARE REBORN.

2nd Commandment:
Every day starting today you need to greet the day with love. You will fail in ANY task in life if you do not love others. Only the unseen power of love can open hearts of others, in order to better understand the task you are trying to complete. You may be ugly, fat, overwhelmingly stupid, stinky, yet the love you posses will melt the heart of others. For example, you ever notice a gorgeous woman with an ugly gnome of a man, well the reason for that is he can LOVE and provide support. He melted her heart.

3rd Commandment:

Do NOT stop until you have reached your goal. If you stop, you are officially a loser no matter how far you got. Think PERSISTANCE. Neither you nor anyone else was brought into this world to fail because failure is implanted in you by either your upbringing or your own mind. Either way, stop settling for LESS and go out there and think PERSISTANCE, PERSISTANCE, PERSISTANCE.

4th Commandment:

You are the GREAT you are. Seems a little strange when you read the beforehand phrase, yet it’s self explanatory. You are the greatest human alive, and unless you start thinking of yourself as the greatest human being alive, you will fail. You will not settle for less because you are the GREAT YOU ARE. You will achieve the highest level of any accomplishment you take into your possession.

5th Commandment:

Learn to deal with people. A bodybuilder, a lawyer, a doctor, a hamburger-flipper, all share the same qualities. THE ARE ALL HUMAN. Unless you learn to deal with people—again, emphasizing that it does not matter what position you are in—you will fail. Be the master of your thoughts, emotions and expectations. Be in control of yourself before you give someone a condescending look which symbolizes your greatness and their weakness.

6th Commandment:

Live life and life it right. Wake up every morning thinking today might be your last day on earth and you will do your best to come to your goal just one step closer. If you fail to put in 110% effort then your last day on earth was a simple failure, as in prospective your life probably was.

7th Commandment:

Have FUN! Laugh your feeling out loud and you will not stress. Laugh at the world, laugh at past mistakes. When you laugh, always remember that no living creature can laugh except human beings (discount hyenas as laughing creatures). Starting today, you need to cultivate the habit of laughter. As a result, you will be happy, successful and the greatest achiever in the world.

8th Commandment:

Create passion within yourself to transfer your love to others and make them happy. Happiness is a tricky business, yet it is simply put together: you are either happy or you are not. Both are an interesting state to be in; however, only the people that are happy will become a success and increase the value of their life infinitely.
9th Commandment:

Everything is worthless unless action is taken. I have never seen a map, even the most well written one that has carried the owner of that map even one inch off ground. Even if you have the most well drawn out plan, even if you have the highest goal, you will not achieve either unless action is taken. TAKE ACTION and put POWER to your dreams, plans and goals.

10th Commandment:

Find a knowledgeable mentor. Someone who can teach you the skills of wisdom. As you can remember the introduction of this article talked about wisdom and the fact that only the wise get through life, while the unwise fail. Seek wisdom from knowledge and experience, for the peasant learns from his own mistakes while the rich man learns from the peasants’ mistakes. See what other people do wrong and learn from them; thus, teaching yourself to never make the same mistake. Yes, you will make your own mistakes and learn from them, but I highly recommend avoiding such a path due to the fact that it can lead to failure.

In conclusion, I would like to point out that failure is NOT skin deep and it does NOT run in the family. Failure is only as strong as you make it. Use these 10 commandments with wisdom and you will be the greatest (anyone) on earth.