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Thread: this is new!!

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    Cool this is new!!

    guys i went to someone proffessional here in lebanon he have a very good reputation i told him my story about what i am doing so this is how he fixed it to me its been one week ive started this new cycle he gave me this on monday 300mg trenabol 250mg sustanon tusday 2cc stanazol thursday 200mg testex and 1ml primobolon friday 2cc stanazol this is for 6 weeks cus he said what i was taking was fake so i need to know what do u think about this if i added more gear and diffrent gear like this one do i get the results better if it wasent fake or maybe my receptor is blocked on gear?? what do u think do i gain now and i told him about my diet he said its good what im taking as a diet

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    Your pharm grade gear was fake. Is that what he told you? What diet you on, have you changed it up yet?
    Last question.
    Did he sell you that gear?!?

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    well my pharm grade gear is sustanon and he said its good but the other eq is fake or something like this and my diet i added some things to my diet man i cant eat anymore im eating all day every 2 max 2:30 hours in every meal i have at least 30g protein and more then 60g carbs i dont think my diet is the problem cus last year i took a cycle with less food eating and i did get results my diet is like this
    starting meal 1- 2scoop whey and 100g crashed rise its 50 g protein and 80g carbs
    2- 4 eggs 1wole with grains or corn flakes with whole wheat bread
    3-150g rise+ 100g chiken breast or meat with salad on fruit
    4-150g pasta 1can tuna
    5-250g fava beens
    6-1 scoop procomplex gainer its 50g protein 50g carbs
    7-1 scoop whey
    and yeh he sold me the gear

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    edgardd...So you had him test the stuff, he told you its no good and sold you some more... I have to wonder if he was just trying to make a quick buck... might not have, EQ coulda been fake, I dunno I wasn't using it.
    "Whether you think that you can, or that you can't, you are usually right."
    - Henry Ford (1863-1947)

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    Your diet is better ! But let me explain something to you again. YOU were eating less then 1800 kcals aday, taking 500mg sust. And you didnt gain. Now why would you think your diet was ok. 1800 kcals is a joke when your trying to bulk. If that sounded like a flame, its not.
    I really wish you the best on your new cycle. But your heading down the same road my friend is. He thinks the more the better. If i had a picture of him i would show you. lol
    He has taken 2450mg of test in the past 7 days. I shit you not.

    h4x0l2 lol
    you noticed that too!

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    ohh i hate what is happening to me guys no gains no nothing that"S weird this is my diet and i dont think im over training so probably its the gear i hope i'll get something from it now

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    Quote Originally Posted by eddgardd View Post
    ohh i hate what is happening to me guys no gains no nothing that"S weird this is my diet and i dont think im over training so probably its the gear i hope i'll get something from it now
    how about rest? you getting 8 hours of sleep per night? try this for diet: 60-70 grams of protein, and 50 - 60 grams carbs, and 20-30 grams of fat PER MEAL. do that 5 times a day. for your 6th meal take in 70-80 grams of protein, and 20-30 grams of fat before you go to sleep. i like to have an 8 oz chicken breast, with 2 cups of 2% milk and a scoop of casein protein because it takes a long time to break down. you are eating to many carbs and not enough protein in my opinion. steroids speed up protein synthesis so you should be consuming more protein than normal. here is a shake recipe i use 2 times a day, once post work out and another while at work... 2 scoops whey protein, 16 oz. 2% milk, 1 cup dry oats, 4 egg whites (bought in a carton, pasteurized). thats 92 g protein, 75 g carbs /8 grams fiber/, 19 g fat, 875 cals. the rest of my meals consist of 8-12 oz of chicken or sirloin, sweet potatoes, oats, or whole wheat bread - equaling 60 grams carbs, and milk. training has to be solid aswell.. i havnt read all your previous posts so post up your weekly training ..specifics.

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    well i dont know exactly the names in english but i usually do the essential workouts always 12-10-8-8 reps and 4 sets 4 workouts for the big mucles like shoulder chest and back and legs and 3 workouts for biceps and triceps i usually do supersets for biceps and triceps i was working on 2 times per week the biceps triceps but now just once per week they said its better to grow

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    so 16 sets total for large muscle groups and 9 sets for smaller muscle groups? did i get you right? thats around what i do, maybe 18-20 sets for legs. try working with weight you fatigue after 10 reps with. like for reps on 4 sets would be 10-10-8-6. 8 hours + rest at night. and up your protein, you should grow...

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    is there any situation that someone wont gain from steroids cus i assure u that last year i took the same cycle and less sustanon and i gained and my diet was less then this one maybe my receptor is blocked should i go to insulin is there somethin that i can do b4 i finish my new cycle i still have 5 weeks

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