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Thread: Alcohol on Cycle

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    Default Alcohol on Cycle

    i have been running testosterone enanthate and equipoise for six weeks into a 18 week cycle. a friend of mine is leaving the country and he is throwing a house party and there comes alcohol. i usually don't drink much but parties with high school friends make me go deep into drinks. but i am clueless whether i should be drinking at all as running my cycle now. what do you say? should i or should i not?

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    Dont drink on cycle its dangerous.

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    Drinking on cycle is never a good idea. You aren't running any liver toxic steroids in your cycle so you can get away with having a drink or two - but don't over do it.

    Stick with things like vodka, rye, rum etc. and club soda or diet coke. If you want a lemon/lime - get an actual wedge and not the 'bar lime' mix. Bar lime mix is actually margarita mix and full of sugar. That will have the least calories. Have 2-3 drinks maximum. Be social, have fun, but be responsible when you are on a steroid cycle.
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    It is already a bad idea to drink alcohol even when you are not on cycle, so imagine how bad it is to drink when cycling steroids. Your body is already stressed enough, so I would avoid drinking alcohol for good. However, if you absolutely can't avoid drinking, try to be moderate, and have just one or two drinks. Don't forget to increase your liver supporting supplement dosage the day of the party and for the next couple of days.

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    I have a different do we live this lifestyle? For me it is to look and feel good and enjoy life. Seeing old friends from high school and celebrating is not something that happens everyday. You aren't running any oral steroids which would make my answer different. I say have a few drinks and enjoy yourself. Get back at it the next day and all is good.

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