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Thread: aromasin dose during cycle??

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    Default aromasin dose during cycle??

    i want to start my cycle real soon and need some clarity on dose of aromasin. the cycle be of 16 weeks with sustanon, EQ, and tren/masteron. would a daily dose of 25mg aromasin good or should i make it 12.5mg ed?? i have clomid and nolvadex for the PCT.

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    For pct you need to add hcgenerate and cardarine.

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    A good dose for aromasin would be 12.5mg every other day. That is standard but blood work will let you know if you need to adjust. I would also be running caber at .5mg every three days to prevent prolactin sides from tren. For pct, make sure to run the full perfect pct - The Perfect Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) -

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    A good dosage for aromasin is 12.5mg EOD.

    Tren is a nandrolone and also causes progestin related activity in the body. You need to use an anti-prolactin drug such as cabergoline as well. carries a great product. Dose 0.5mg E3D.
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    Hi i am a new plz help me .can i use arimidex coz here india i cant collect aromasine. And iam 31yr old lifting 20yr .below 10% body past cycle was 30mg winny with test e500mg. I have no any gymo or water retain prblm.and my pct was 50/50/25/25/clomid 40/40/20/20 nolva.till now i cant see any side affect .but its give me soil gain with good condition even i am off cycle plz help me thnkx.and sorry my bad english

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