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Thread: overtraining on gear

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    Default overtraining on gear

    i have been running a cycle with equipoise, deca, and test e for the last 8 weeks in a cycle of 16 weeks and have noticed that i now train harder and for longer ever since i started this cycle. off cycle, i usually do 12 quads sets and takes about 4-6 days to recover and on cycle, it is 18 sets and max 1 day recovery. would this overtraining cause me any issues once i am off the cycle??

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    Clearly while off gear it will take more time to recover, so you will notice you wont be able to train with such intensity. However, the gains you will make while you are on, will allow you to train harder and more frequent after the cycle than you did before it.

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    No, it will not cause problems if you will return to normal training regime after ending the cycle. Obviously, you will not be able to train as much off cycle. Therefore, keep hitting it hard on cycle, and then reduce the training once off-cycle. However, make sure not to stop training completely after ending the cycle.

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    Best thing to do is listen to your body. You are recovering quickly which is great. Usually the danger comes in increasing weight too much too fast. That can be harsh on joints, tendons.

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    Listen to your body. Recovery depends on a lot of things - diet, supplements, PED, rest, sleep, other stress factors in your life etc.

    Remember that you are breaking the muscle down in the gym and when you rest and recover is when the muscle actually grows and repairs. Don't be scared to take days off if you feel burnt out.
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