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Thread: PCT for sustanon

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    Default PCT for sustanon

    i've been using sustanon 500mg a week in two split doses and recently noticed itchy nipples. i was to run this cycle for 14 weeks and in week 6th now. should i start using arimidex .25mg ed or .5mg eod or should i rather go for .50mg ed? also, would it be better to cut short cycle to say 10 or 12 weeks and then do PCT?? both clomid or nolva or one of them?

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    Add hcgenerate and cardarine to Pct.

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    Start using the arimidex ASAP. It is very important to use an AI with every cycle you do to prevent estrogen related side effects BEFORE they occur. Dose the arimidex at 0.5mg EOD.

    After your cycle run the perfect PCT protocol: The Perfect Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) -
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    This is yet another proof that you must use an AI from the first day of the cycle, even if the steroid you are using is a long-acting one. As @muskate has already said, start using arimidex ASAP, and for the next time do so right from the beginning. Also, for the next cycle better use aromasin, as it will not allow estrogen rebounds to happen, which is very important.

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    Always start using AI from the beginning of the cycle. I would say jump on 0.5mg/ED of arimidex right now and do your blood work after 3 weeks to check whether it needs to be adjusted. Because you are already too late to prevent gyno, so at least fight it properly.

    Regarding PCT - there is no better option than the perfect pct plan provided by muskate above

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    These are things you should always plan before starting a cycle. It is much easier to prevent side effects than to scramble and try to stop them. Same thing for pct. it is best to have everything on hand before you even start pinning. I agree with Jay's advice above.

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    always use an AI from day 1 with an aromatizing compound. there is really no excuse to not to. go to ag guys and buy aromasin ASAP

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