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Thread: mid cycle dose help

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    Default mid cycle dose help

    i am presently into week 2nd of my 18 week cycle where i will run testosterone enanthate 600mg a week, deca 450-500mg a week for all 18 weeks and dianabol will be used as a kickstart for the first 6 weeks at 30-40mg ed. would you recommend replacing the enanthate with may be test s or prop? if yes, what would be the best time and dose?

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    I would stick with enan.

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    I would say to stick with the enanthate - it is always best to use more or less same ester lengths when you stack different steroids. Therefore, a long lasting enanthate version of testosterone is the perfect match for Deca durabolin. Make sure to be using proper ancillaries from the first day of the cycle, being among them aromasin (for estrogen control), cabergoline (for prolactin control), N2Guard (as a liver support), and Proviron (in order to avoid deca dick). Do all this, and you will be perfectly fine.

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    Stick with enanthate. Why do you even consider switching? Its the best form of test you can run for such long cycle

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    Stick with enanthate or cypionate. With both of those longer acting esters, you only need to inject twice per week. Twice per week inject 300ml test e or c and 250mg deca.

    Using prop for an 18 week cycle would be a lot of pinning because you need to inject it EOD.
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    18 weeks on is like 25 weeks on if you count the esters. that is a long run. you need to make sure you take 6 months off of steroids after to give your HPTA a chance to fully recover

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    If you are running a long ester like deca, I would just stick to a long estered test like E. That way you can inject the same days in the same syringe. No need to complicate things when on cycle.

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    Injecting twice pw instead of once will be highly beneficial with stabilizing bloods levels. I notice better gains with injecting twice a week or even e3d, even though only once per week is completely necessary.

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