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Thread: turinabol and anavar stack

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    Default turinabol and anavar stack

    I want to run a cycle with anavar and turinabol and want to know what should i use to avoid negative effects of these liver toxic oral steroids? should i be using 5 caps a day of hcgenerate and 7 caps of n2guard every day? also, would PCT hold good with clomid, nolvadex, n2guard, and hcgenerate?

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    For hcgenerate use last 4 weeks of cycle+PCT, add cardarine for pct.

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    I wouldnt run oral only cycle, but I assume you already decided on it.

    Yes, during and after the cycle run n2guard for your liver. HCGenerate also will help you recover, stacked with clomid & nolva

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    N2Guard would be a good choice of a supplement to support your liver during an oral only cycle. Additionally, since you are going to put your liver under so much stress with two orals used at once, you should avoid any activities that will stress the liver even more, such as drinking alcohol, taking drugs, or eating very spicy foods. As for the HCGenerate, you can take it in the last weeks of the cycle, and keep on taking it into the PCT. Your PCT plan looks nice.

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    This article will help clear up a lot of your answers on how to properly run an oral only steroid cutting cycle: Beginner Oral only Cutting Steroid Cycle -

    You can swap the winstrol for tbol. Same dosages would apply.
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    yes you have the right idea for sure

    run the hcgenerate 2 caps 2X per day on cycle.. then 2 caps 3X per day during pct

    n2guard 5-7 caps per day on... 3-5 caps during pct. trying to save you money so bottles last longer

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    I would definitely run N2Guard at 7 caps per day while on any cycle with oral steroids. I would not waste my time with an oral only cycle but if you are going to do it anyways keep the liver safe. Also for the HCGenerate, I would run 5 caps per day on cycle and into PCT. That will help you with recovery.

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