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Thread: Good alternative to Deca??

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    Default Good alternative to Deca??

    i'm looking for a nice alternative to deca durabolin that is better for pure mass and size gains. i want to run only injectables, no orals plz. would a cycle of equipoise 300mg a week along with testosterone enanthate 500mg a week for 16 weeks be good if i use aromasin 10mg eod and then do PCT with nolva and clomid?

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    For pct add hcgenerate and n2guard.

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    Equipoise would be a good choice for lean gains, but these won't be as massive as in the case of deca, and will come slower. However, these will be of a higher quality, so it will be easier to keep them. Your cycle looks really good for some lean gains. However, you need to run a more complete PCT if you are to keep those gains, and have a smooth recovery. Do something closer to the perfect PCT protocol - The Perfect Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) -

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    Test + EQ + aromasin EOD at the dosages you listed would be an extremely effective lean mass stack that will provide really nice muscle gains with very little water retention. EQ causes a nice increase in vascularity and appetite in most users as well.

    However, you need a much better PCT to fully recover after your cycle. I agree with Lev and recommend the perfect PCT protocol after your cycle -> The Perfect Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) -
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    EQ is a really good alternative when it comes to quality gains.

    As for pct, main parts of it are clomid and nolva, and additionally if you add test boosters + sarms you can secure your gains

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    EQ is a great alternative to deca. I like your thinking but I would dose at least 600mg per week EQ to really gain mass. Your test at 500mg is a good dose.

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    You could run Npp? Great for joints and can really gain weight on it provided diet and training is on par.

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