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Thread: how long before i start feeling sustanon?

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    Default how long before i start feeling sustanon?

    i am 43, 6'2", and 210lbs and was recently diagnosed with low testosterone. i want to start with TRT and doc has recommended sustanon 250 mgs every 10 days. a week has passed and nothing much changed for the better. how soon will i start feeling the difference? is the dose too low?

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    It takes at least 2-3 weeks to feel sust.

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    Although it does have short esters in it, they are in the smallest proportion. So it will start working for you really fast, but it will take at least 2 weeks to fully feel the effects of sustanon. Personally, for me it usually takes 3-4 weeks.

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    I would also say give it a few weeks till your constant testosterone levels simmer down, and you will have a high level all the time throughout the week

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    what problems were you having here? hopping on TRT is not going to solve all your problems bro. that is just unrealistic thinking.

    most of your issues will be solved with lifestyle changes.

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    The majority of the esters in sustanon are long esters so it will take 4-5 weeks to reach full blood hormone concentrations. You will notice the effects 2-3 weeks after starting it, but it'll take 4-5 weeks to notice the full effects.
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    You will notice slight effects from the short ester in there but sust is basically a long ester test so it will take 5 weeks or so.

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