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Thread: androgel vs axiron??

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    Default androgel vs axiron??

    i am looking for a topical solution for boosting testosterone levels and confused on what would be better: androgel or axiron or would you rather recommend some injectables? how good is this thing called RS Transaderm??

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    I would suggest RS transaderm over androgel. Androgel is just a pharma rip off.

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    Neither. Just go for injections. More effective, cheaper, and pretty much same side effects

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    RS transaderm is great but I am not sure you can find it anymore.. pretty sure it was recently banned. n2bm used to sell it

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    Sincerely, I would go with injectables any day over the topical versions of testosterone. For me, cream forms of testosterone are just too inconvenient, ineffective, and expensive. However, if you absolutely want to use a topical product, then better go with RS Transaderm - it is the most effective of the topical versions of testosterone that I have ever tried.

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    Androgel and axion are the exact same thing. Just different brand names. Kind of like Pepsi vs Coke. Get whichever is cheaper.

    The problem with topical testosterone creams is that they aromatize into estrogen at a much higher rate then testosterone injections. If you want to use androderm instead of injectable testosterone, make sure to use an AI like liquidex AI from with it to keep estrogen in the low-normal range. This will prevent estrogen related side effects like water retention and gyno.
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    They are the same thing but they do not "boost" testosterone, they replace it. These are completely different concepts. If you want to boost test then go with HCGenerate ES. If you are looking for TRT then forget the transdermals.......go for an injectable test.

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